Hey there, this is Ely from Alchemy Hair and Makeup bringing you part two of the ‘Dark to Light Series’.

So it has been about 7 weeks since I last had my lightening service, my hair has faded to a really nice medium brown and I am ready for the next stage of going lighter.

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My hair has handled the first lightening session quite well and I'm not feeling too dry or brassy. My hair care routine has stepped up a notch since being lighter, controlling slight frizz and trying not to over work my hair with heat styling tools has been important.

I'm looking at being a little more adventurous with my toner this session, embracing the underlying warm tones.

We are using a very gentle lightener again, slow and steady wins the race, this also ensures your hair won't snap off and say 'see ya later'.

My colourist Libby will be foiling out all of my mids and ends leaving out a little bit of my natural colour. She will add some fine face framing micro foils to enhance the colour around my hairline.


For the best possible results leading up to your next lightening session, be sure you are using the correct at home hair routine recommended to you by your hair stylist. By going against your hairdressers advice you could be jeopardising your lightening experience, we don't want that!

Second time around your hairdresser has a good idea of what kind of build up and undertones your hair has. This session will be a little bit less of a guessing game and more about using the knowledge of the last appointment to achieve the best result.

Toners are temporary and can last anywhere between a few days to a few weeks. Toners that are lighter and brighter tend to not last as long whereas deeper tones will have a longer lasting effect.

Neutral tones will last much longer opposed to artificial colours like pink, so when choosing your toner bare-in-mind that you will be expected to keep up the maintenance.

That's where home care steps in, always use the correct products and don't over wash your hair honey!


Libby will be lightening my hair in a very similar way to the last session, completely lifting all mids and ends of my hair.

Once my foils are applied through my hair we left them to process slowly over a 45 minute to an hour time span. Libby rinsed my hair and then dried it to assess the colour it had lifted to, which was a light yellow and dark yellow in some areas.

We initially decided on a toner that was a subtle pink, but while mixing it up decided that's a little too boring and we are hair dressers after all, so we added much more pink tone to the mixture.

Keeping in mind my hair is extremely porous at this point so it is highly likely that the toner will fade and dull down very quickly.

Once my hair is blow dried and cut I can feel it is soft and shiny and the health of my hair is not at all compromised.


My hair is now a vibrant shade so if I want to maintain that colour I have to be using something at home to deposit colour back in when I wash it like the Evo Fabuloso colour conditioner or come in to the salon for regular toners. Since I am wanting my hair to fade and become lighter over time I don't want to use a colour depositing shampoo or conditioner at home just yet, but I will be getting my hair toned in-between to keep the colour looking fresh.

I may have to add some extra hydrating products to my at home routine, but I am going to see how my hair feels and fades for the next few weeks.


I've planned to have my hair lightened again in about 8 weeks, my next appointment we are going to go through and do a full head of back to back foils with some super fine face framing micro foils. The goal for my next session is to be dark blonde or how I like to say “bronde” - a bronze, beige, brown, blonde.

Be sure to check out the video for part1 and 2, stay tuned for part 3! If you have any questions or enquiries about my lightening experience or are seeking professional advice for your own hair please contact Alchemy Hair and Makeup via phone, Facebook, Instagram or pop into the salon we’d love to see you!