Hi there! Im Ely from Alchemy Hair and Makeup and this is part one of our 'Dark to Light Series'.

I want to share with you my journey of going lighter, so if you are someone who has thought about going blonde or have had bad experiences in the past because of unexpected breakage or brassiness - I'm here for you. Check out our video via our Facebook page to see the full process!


My hair is very dark brown almost black and has had numerous dark colours applied over the last year or so. My hair is very thick and in quiet good condition but when I had lightened my hair in the past it has become very brassy and copper in colour and would feel extremely dry, so while going through my lightening process this time I want to keep my hair as healthy as possible and control the tone.

For my first session, our colourist Libby will be using a gentle bleach to slowly lift out the colour in my mid lengths and ends of my hair. I am prepared to be a slightly lighter brown, not blonde. I am very dark naturally and have dark features so I decided to keep a bit of my natural root colour showing to add depth, so the colour grows out better and it wont look to harsh on my skin.


History: Remember when heading into your first lightening session be completely honest with your hairdresser about your colour history, even if it was a box colour a year ago because you were desperate.. it's still in your hair and it'll be much easier for us to lighten your hair if we know it’s in there.

Expectations:Expecting to be blonde the first lightening session isn't completely unreasonable but depending on your hair type, colour history and what service you are having on your hair, expect to see only a small difference in colour to begin with and then go from there.

Target Result: Have in mind what you would like your hair to look like eventually and if that colour is an all over blonde, a multi tone blonde or a balayage. Every blonde is different, not every one of them will necessarily suit you but there is definitely a blonde out there to suit everyone! Your stylist can assist you in choosing what shade will suit you and your hair type best, just remember to bring some inspo images with you to your consultation appointment.

Home Hair Care: Using the correct home care is key, when you are investing in a long and expensive lightening process the worst thing you can do is use products that may cause more damage. Incorrect home care can also cause your toner to fade too quick or to over tone the hair so when your next appointment comes around theres even more colour to lift out and correct.


After my first lightening session by hair was rinsed and dried ready to be toned. My hair appears to be very bright orange/yellow after being lightened, which is honestly better than I had anticipated. The toner is a colour that will counteract any unwanted tones that have come out in the hair when lightening and even out any areas that may be varying from colour build up. (You'll be able to see this on the video).

We are putting a medium brown toner over the top to neutralise all the warmth and smooth out the patchy consistency.

Once my toner was processed, rinsed and dried the end result was a nice, soft neutral brown. Still very far away from blonde, but the first session was all about gently lightening the hair and breaking down all the old build up of colour so that the next lightening session my toner will have faded to a lighter brown and when colouring again it'll lighten up more.

Ive had a good trim off my ends to prevent any ends splitting and breaking, remember little trims are vital for keeping your hair in tact and ready for the next step in going lighter.

MY HOME HAIR CARE I will be using Original and Mineral products for my hair care routine. I love these products because they do not contain,

-Sulphate a detergent which dries out the hair and can effect dermatitis.

-Parabens is a preservative that can cause irritation to the skin.

-Phthalates cling to the hair to give fragrance and can be harmful to women when pregnant.

-Propylene Glycol is used to bind products together this can be linked to causing headaches, back aches and kidney problems.

-M.I.T prevents bacteria but damages skin cells and can cause itchy, flakey scalp.

-Triciosan also prevents bacteria but can be a powerful hormone disrupter.

Original and Mineral are not only super gentle on your hair they are also PETA approved, so no animals are harmed in the process! Ill be using the three step cleanse Detox shampoo, Maintain the Mane and The Power Base. I wash my hair once a week, washing your hair more will cause your colour to fade quicker so you may need to visit the salon in-between lightening appointments for a toner top up!

For styling I've been using Frizzy Logic which is a cold pressed Argan oil and Macadamia oil to calm and smooth my hair.


We've planned my next appointment to be in about 6-7 weeks to allow my hair to rest and for the toner to fade. If you have any questions you would like answered please feel free to call the salon or send us a message via Facebook, stay tuned for Part Two of our ‘Dark to Light Series” - I can't wait!