Booking with emerging alchemists

Welcome to Alchemy! We take pride in implementing the best training practises for our Emerging Alchemists. That way they can provide you with the best service, and ensure you leave the salon satisfied with your result. Please read below for

some general information and frequently asked questions

regarding our Emerging Alchemists.


What is an Emerging Alchemist?

An Emerging Alchemist is the title we give to our stylists who are still completing their training, commonly known as an apprentice.

How long will my service be? 

 Our Emerging Alchemists are still in the learning process of their careers. This means that they are perfectly capable of completing the service, however may take longer than our standard services. We ask that you please allow some extra time for your appointment when bookingan appointment with one of our Emerging Alchemists.

Why is a service with an Emerging Alchemist different?

An appointment with our Emerging Alchemists will slightly differ from our standard services. In these appointments, a qualified stylist

will check over the service throughout if needed, and before you leave the salon. This ensures the Emerging Alchemist has completed a satisfactory outcome. Services conducted by Emerging Alchemists will be at a discounted price.

Will the outcome of the service be at an adequate level to a Senior Alchemist? 

We provide the best training practises for our Emerging

Alchemists! This ensures that they're able to deliver outstanding results for our clients . However, our girls are still learning and  

the outcomes may not meet the level that our standard services provide. If you have particular preferences, please book in with

a Senior Alchemist for your service.  

What services is the Emerging Alchemist I'm booked in with able to do?

We have a range of emerging Alchemists who are at all different stages in their training, and can provide different services.

If you are seeking a specific service with one of our Emerging Alchemists, please call the salon and speak to one of our team members to make sure that you receive your desired service with the best suited stylist. 

Have any other questions? No worries!

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